Troy Rothko: Profiled

Troy Rothko

Few managed to escape from the Hammet cult, and of those that did, only one man survived. Troy Rothko was that one man. He currently works as a chef in local restaurant chain.

A huge rap and Hip Hop fan from a young age, Troy Rothko frequents local shows and as a single man, Troy also enjoys trying his hand throughout the city’s bar and pub scene.

Although Troy regularly struck out, he had enjoyed his share of one night stands. Never though one with such dire consequences as the night he met Olya and Remy, changing his life permanently.

His induction into the Hammet cult wasn’t along the same lines as other victims as the documentary showcases.

Troy can be reached online via Twitter at @TroyRothko or on Instagram @TroyRothko

“The whole thing was a fucking contradiction, misled completely. They didn’t believe in hexes, in ‘vampires’ being repelled by garlic or crosses or holy water or whatever, but Edgar afraid of mirrors and believed life was obtained from drinking blood. They all made no sense.”

– Troy Rothko