Tea Wu: Profiled

Margaret Woo

The cliche that, “It’s always the quiet ones” that have the wildest side and the darkest personality is consistently stated by her former colleagues and friends as they describe Tea Wu.

A former prominent researcher for a nationally recognized online lifestyle magazine (lifestyle in general, not to be confused with “the lifestyle” promoted by the Hammet cult), Tea Wu was not known by most people for anything other than being the shy girl in the office that appeared to be working all the time.

The issue was that she wasn’t always working, according to her browsing history, she was regularly looking for new sexual partners and unique experiences. Hence why she ended up near death at the hands of the Hammet cult.

It was sheer luck that Tea managed to survive the Hammet cult drainings. If Neyla Reed hadn’t walked in looking for Troy Rothko and discovered her, Tea Wu would be another statistic on top of the 48 victims.

Although unwilling to involve herself in any interviews for the ‘We Regret Nothing’ documentary, Ms. Wu did consent to allow the footage of her release for inclusion.

Since the release of the documentary we have received no further updates from the family or Tea Wu herself.