Remy White: Profiled

Remy White

Originally introduced to Edgar Hammet by her childhood friend Brandon Smith, Remy White became one of the central members of the Hammet cult early on. She has admitted to sometimes just witnessing, but usually participating in the rituals that the group performed which included using her image to lure the cult’s victims online.

Mirrors were really a source of resentment for Edgar. Their existence was inconducive to his claims, undermining his alleged “vampire” status. Chanel Bryson labelled Remy White as suffering from “Spectrophobia,” a morbid fear of mirrors. A phobia Bryson is convinced Edgar instilled in her.

She has always found quips comparing her with the cognac of the same name particularly irritating, with one claim against her alleging that she spat in a woman’s eye for merely making a related joke.