Edgar Hammet: Profiled

It’s far too easy to simplify the mind of someone like Edgar Hammet to labelings of deranged and crazy. Granted, his acts and teachings were heinous, but where were these thoughts derived from?

Edgar Hammet grew up in a very loving family on a farm in Langley, British Columbia. His parents indulged him often, continuously allowing his whims to dictate how they would approach the day. This level of control inspired Edgar to alter his physical form, experimenting with cutting himself and blood. Which ultimately lead to the consumption of it.

As a child Edgar wholly refused to attend school. His parents would drop him off and as soon as they were out of sight, Edgar would find a way to leave the school grounds to find somewhere dark and read. He would often stare in the mirror, every few months altering his hair.

He obsessed over vampire fiction, and as he grew up he would look further to find the historical “accuracies” within the texts he read. Slowly he developed an understanding, and with his parents forced to home school him because of his refusal to stay in school, he managed to alter his awake hours, developing a routine of staying awake at night and becoming “nocturnal.”

As a cult member, it was forbidden for anyone to argue with the maxims set out by Edgar. Members were made aware of this from the start, and stepping out of line meant only one punishment. Edgar defined his instructions as immemorial, obliging members to follow without question.

Since his conviction, he has not heard from his parents or his younger brother Marcus. Although Marcus agreed to participate in the Edgar Hammet cult documentary, “We Regret Nothing,” his parents refused to return any attempts at contact. From sources close to the family, we are told they’re experiencing problems coping with their son’s actions.

Who is Edgar Hammet?

Edgar Hammet

Edgar Hammet is the delusional leader of the Hammet cult, a group of deranged individuals that through Edgar’s coaxing were lead to believe that vampires in actual fact do exist. Through various twisted rituals, Edgar managed to convince several people in their twenties to commit reprehensible acts under the guise that they were in actual fact capable of eternal life through the high and elation that other people’s blood gave them.

He acquired various health conditions through deliberate tampering with ordinary life, leading his followers to believe in the validity of what he states.

“There is no ‘Plan B.’ ‘Plan A’ succeeds, because it’s planned.”

– Edgar Hammet (attempting to convince Neyla Reed)