Douglas Hanna: Profiled

Douglas Hanna

Though not directly connected to the cult, Katherine (“Kat”) Jones knew Douglas Hanna as an acquaintance. The two had seen each other at mutual friend’s parties and thus had a visual rapport, if nothing else.

Lured in by Remy White, it didn’t take long before Douglas became entangled with the Hammet cult and their “eccentric” behaviour. Although no formal confessions have been made, it is assumed that they met in a bar. Accusations have been put forward that Remy actually sought out Douglas Hanna online, locating him on a free dating website. Her motivation for doing so? To upset Kat.

An independent painting contractor, Douglas Hanna was known to be a fan of theatre and often would attend local performances on Granville Island.

Allegedly shortly after escaping the Hammet cult, freed by Kat Jones as she left, Douglas Hanna committed suicide in his apartment. The scenario in which he was found was deemed to appear extremely suspicious, and it is presumed that the Hammet cult were responsible for Hanna’s death. The autopsies and analysis of the crime scene have determined that the suicide seemed genuine. Suspicions remain that this was outside of Douglas Hanna’s character, and that in order for this to have taken place, he must have been coerced.

Douglas Hanna leaves behind a sister, his parents and two grandparents. At the time of his death he was not in a relationship, and had no children.