Cinnamon Morales: Profiled

Cinnamon Morales

Formerly a marketing “promo girl,” handing out samples of alcohol, showcasing cars and designed products, Cinnamon Morales ultimately finished her short life being known as the fifth victim of the Hammet cult.

A huge fan of 70’s B-Movie cinema, Cinnamon’s draw was through cheesy Vampire films that she saw as fun and playful. Like everyone else she had a lust driven side. That playful element drew her into the cult.

Finding Brandon and Kyp online, Morales casually entered into what she viewed as a “boat-pushing once in a lifetime ride.” The blood element confused and excited her, and with the cult members’ explanations and clean needles, she was surprisingly willing to indulge in these acts.

Unlike other Hammet cult victims, Cinnamon Morales had no qualms about informing her best friends. Although they did try and convince her that these acts were extremely risky and they attempted to deter her involvement, they allowed her to engage as a consenting woman in whatever she wished to. The police were notified of her disappearance earlier than the other batch of victims from the first wave of fatalities.

Edgar Hammet referred to Cinnamon as, “A confused and pusillanimous woman,” which her family contend. The rest of the world perceived her as an affectionate and loving girl. Olya stated Cinnamon was “consistently bemused.”

The family that Cinnamon Morales left behind have all condemned the lack of scrutiny in dating websites and are still in the process of forcing surrounding laws to change.