Chanel Bryson

Chanel Bryson

Having worked as a psychiatrist for ten years now, Edgar Hammet is the only publicly known client that Chanel Bryson has evaluated and tried to help.

Having graduated from UBC, Chanel Bryson had a passion for the nuances of the human mind ever since she was a child. Growing up she spent many hours evaluating her friends, public figures and herself, comparing her findings and assertions to what she could read had been decided upon by acclaimed doctors over the decades.

Chanel Bryson is currently in a relationship with another psychiatrist. The couple have been together for twelve years but have decided not to marry citing the “pointlessness of paper to prove commitment.”

“Edgar Hammet’s arguments were untenable.”
– Chanel Bryson regarding “The Hammet Sessions”

To date Miss Bryson has spent over 90 hours evaluating Edgar Hammet and is in the process of condensing her findings into a book entitled “The Hammet Sessions.”

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