Stephanie Radcliffe: Profiled

By her own frequent admission, Stephanie Radcliffe is one lucky girl that has Neyla Reed to thank for her life.

Once Ms Radcliffe entered the world of online dating, her casual encounters took her from her once timid self to the more taboo regions of fictional fantasy. A slew of poor choices culminated with her becoming involved with the Hammet cult.

Like many Millennial women, Stephanie developed a thing for the vampire characters. Their charms enticed and hooked he, before long she was amongst the Hammet cult’s online community.

Stephanie began seeing one of the members regularly, believing she was in a relationship. She felt she could trust him and began indulging in blood donations. This quickly went awry as Ms Radcliffe was forced into continual drainings.

She ultimately got away once freed and refused to be interviewed, but we have persuaded Stephanie to allow the footage of her to be included in this documentary.

Since being freed, Miss Stephanie Radcliffe has gone on to fight against the online venues and forums that allowed her to become caught up in this mess. She campaigns heavily for background checks on all dating sites, and for greater scrutiny of those that participate.

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