Scott Marshall: Profiled

It’s unfair to trivialize the other victims of the Hammet cult, but Scott Marshall, to Remy White was arguably the most devastating participant to have lost.

Taking a very short time to get bites in her line, Remy was spoiled for choice after putting her face and biography on the dating website. Seemingly picky, but willing to date most after approximately a week of email flirting, Remy agreed to meet with Scott Marshall and the two began almost exclusively dating within the cults twisted and eccentric environment.

Each victim of the cult would proclaim that Edgar would not allow any member to fall in love with one of their suppliers. This wasn’t something Remy had planned for, but it became all too real extremely quickly.

Described as dark humoured and easy going, Scott Marshall was an expert in all things dark and horror draped. He enjoyed nothing more than a twisted movie, or like the Saw films are referred to, “torture porn.”

During their brief relationship, both Scott and Remy spent nearly every moment together. His devotion to her was inspiring.

After Scott Marshall passed, Kyp and Brandon trounced his name as a regular reference for what to avoid in handling their “suppliers.”

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