Joan Swanson: Profiled

Joan Swanson

A confirmed victim of the Hammet cult, Joan Swanson was initially brought into the group after meeting Brandon Smith online. Brandon Smith was always very quick to encourage meeting potential donors, and Swanson was apparently more than willing to meet with very little time spent introducing herself to him and vice versa online.

Becoming jaded with conventional clubs and who she was meeting there, Joan Swanson turned to local fetish nights as she learned more about BDSM. Eventually she moved more into exploring worlds online, crossing paths with Brandon and involving herself in the Hammet cult. Kyp referred to viewing Joan as a very “distressed” woman, and that when she began hanging around she appeared afraid and vulnerable.

Sadly and arguably ironically, Joan Swanson was in the process of studying to become a nurse. This sends her actions into question due to her awareness of risk and also the solution.

The police have spent considerable time evaluating whether Joan Swanson had committed suicide by engaging in these acts, given that she knew the clinical outcome. However due to her absence from answering, there’s no real way of knowing.

Swanson left behind considerable debt after her passing, mainly derived from student loans and credit card frivolity.

Margaret Woo: Profiled

Margaret Woo

As with countless others, Margaret Woo died at the hands of interacting with the Hammet cult. Maggie, as she liked to be known as, was o huge fan of the movie “Interview With A Vampire.” After watching this for the twentieth time, Margaret Woo decided to move online and look for someone to spend time with that had similar tastes.

Described as being cute and generous with a very giving behaviour, Margaret Woo came from a very strict family. Her broad desires would never be permitted and she never felt able to fully express these thoughts to her family nor her friends. When news arose that she was one of the Hammet cult victims, people she knew were shocked. This was a side of her never unveiled to those closest to her.

Jay Marx: Profiled

Jay Marx

According to his brother and best friend Chris, Jay Marx was much more than solely a victim of the Hammet cult.

An extremely popular man, Marx worked as a bouncer prior to getting mixed up in this mess. Jay never had problems meeting women, he was personable and attractive, but he wanted something new. He informed his brother that he wanted to experience something he couldn’t find through the traditional methods he had become accustomed to, so he went online and, unbeknownst to him, found members of the cult. He became intimate with them and before he knew it, tragedy struck.

Within the slew of Hammer Cult victim profiles, Jay Marx was one of the least likely to have fallen into this arena. Ex-girlfriends of his have suggested that if he was into something more unusual, all he would have had to have done was to ask them. However, like most that wish to dabble in something taboo, Jay Marx had to seek something more privately established.

At the time of his death, Marx was apprenticing during the day at a small local carpenters. His disappearance was made known to police after having not shown up for work three days running. Although notoriously late, not showing up at all was not something the carpentry company knew Jay Marx a doing. The issue accentuated when he couldn’t be reached by phone or text, another typical habit of this potential filled fatality.

Scott Marshall: Profiled

Scott Marshall

It’s unfair to trivialize the other victims of the Hammet cult, but Scott Marshall, to Remy White was arguably the most devastating participant to have lost.

Taking a very short time to get bites in her line, Remy was spoiled for choice after putting her face and biography on the dating website. Seemingly picky, but willing to date most after approximately a week of email flirting, Remy agreed to meet with Scott Marshall and the two began almost exclusively dating within the cults twisted and eccentric environment.

Each victim of the cult would proclaim that Edgar would not allow any member to fall in love with one of their suppliers. This wasn’t something Remy had planned for, but it became all too real extremely quickly.

Described as dark humoured and easy going, Scott Marshall was an expert in all things dark and horror draped. He enjoyed nothing more than a twisted movie, or like the Saw films are referred to, “torture porn.”

During their brief relationship, both Scott and Remy spent nearly every moment together. His devotion to her was inspiring.

After Scott Marshall passed, Kyp and Brandon trounced his name as a regular reference for what to avoid in handling their “suppliers.”

Laurie Bader: Profiled

Laurie Bader

Laurie Bader was found brutally murdered, with the situation framed as suicide. After coercion and acquired evidence, it was concluded that her life was taken by members of the Hammet cult.

Attracted to become involved wholly by Remy White, Laurie Bader ultimately found herself trapped when she clashed with Edgar. Like other victims, Bader had met Remy through online dating sites and the two had become both close and intimate. As they spent more time together, she is quoted as having complained extensively about Edgar’s domineering behaviour and that Remy should have been in a more senior position.

Frequently she was noted confronting the reclusive cult leader. This was shown to be a tragic mistake.

Miss Bader had a reputation for loathing people. She was perceived as quite butch, despite her appearance contesting that stereotype. It wasn’t uncommon to hear her snap at people for minutia or to deliberately sabotage a situation in order to gain some sadistic pleasure.

Laurie Bader is survived by her four year old daughter and her parents. Her daughter’s father left her before being made aware of the pregnancy and has since attained a degree of custody, shared with the grandparents.

Neyla Reed: Profiled

Neyla Reed

Neyla Reed was ultimately the girl that managed to pull the plug on the Hammet cult. Initially she dated Edgar, ever so slowly learning about his hidden side and twisted nature. Neyla managed to maintain her distance as things became more scattered, panicked and erratic. Though she did involve herself within some of Edgar’s at the time perceived “kinks”, she made a strict point of not becoming a part of what the cult developed into.

She didn’t get along with Edgar’s other girlfriend Olya (her presence a fact that Edgar kept secret from her for quite some time) and she also didn’t connect with the other Hammet cult members. She had an adversarial relationship with the majority of the group, including with Kat Jones, a woman that would ultimately follow the same path as Neyla.

Neyla Reed attempted to stay away from her assumed eccentric boyfriend, but her feelings persisted, and eventually she returned to the group.

Twitter @NeylaReed or on Instagram @neylareed

Brandon Smith: Profiled

Brandon Smith

Brandon Smith remains as stubborn as Olya Palinski with regards to maintaining a view that what the cult did wasn’t an atrocity.

One of the founding members of the Hammet cult (a term which he loathes), Brandon Smith met and became friends with Olya while training to become a nurse in 2008. Although he managed to progress further in training to become a nurse, once Olya dragged him into Edgar’s circle, his days of helping people ended.

He enjoyed luring prospective donors online, and subsequently enjoyed the experiences he was privy to far more.

Brandon Smith remains one of the most detested members of the Hammet cult due to his passion with the atrocities they committed.

Katherine “Kat” Jones: Profiled

Kat Jones

Katherine Jones or “Kat” as she prefers to be known, is one of two members of the Hammet cult to make it away alive. Deluded by some online fetish websites, Kat found herself dragged into the Hammet cult and ultimate falling under the cult leader’s spell. Like many that became deeply associated with the group, Kat entered it perceiving it to be, “An unusual, but harmless experience.” She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Formerly an extroverted individual, Kat Jones now prefers to keep to herself after escaping what few managed to. She became intertwined with the group, and despite enjoying some of her experiences, Kat ultimately reached the epiphany of the truly destructive forces she had become involved in.

After leaving the cult, Kat moved back to Vancouver Island and tried to restart her life. The problem is that she remains unable to disconnect herself from the Hammet cult what with all the attention that it has received. Over the past year Kat Jones has been spotted around Vancouver, trying to rebuild her sense of normalcy.

Kat Jones can be found on Twitter by following @kat_katjones or on Instagram @kat_katjones

Olya Palinski: Profiled

According to Troy Rothko, Olya often referred to Edgar as “his eminence” behind closed doors.

Olya Palinski admits the most responsibility within the Hammet cult, claiming second only to Edgar Hammet himself. After connecting with Edgar early on, Olya helped Edgar establish this world and cult. She viewed Edgar’s world as superlative and couldn’t be convinced otherwise. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, Olya emigrated to Canada at the age of 18 with her parents and sisters.

Having been enamoured by the look of Gothic make up and outfits, as a teenager Miss Palinski decided this would be the image she’d present herself in. She began down a path of whitening her skin, concealing tattoos of death-like images and alienating herself from her friends and family.

Although her immediate family accepted her in whatever she chose to do or dress as, Olya decided to leave her comfort zone of a life with them, moving out in her mid-teens. They have always maintained that they love her and wish to rehabilitate and re-involve her in the Palinski family, but she declines and keeps to herself. She has no interest in what she refers to as, “Normal boring life.”

As a young adult, Olya focused heavily on blood donation and testing after she had left school. Her first jobs were at donation clinics where she would routinely steal supplies in order to test blood outside of her workplace. Her focus on biology and from the outside, her apparent aspirations on getting into medicine helped shape her niche within Edgar’s circle.

Kyp Malkmus: Profiled

Kyp Malkmus

Like Remy White, Kyp Malkmus was involved in the Hammet cult as a result of his childhood friend Brandon Smith. Smith introduced Kyp to Edgar Hammet, and despite by all accounts being a kind hearted and soft-spoken individual, Kyp succumbed to what he described as “the energy” surrounding the rituals the cult performed, and involved himself.

Dolefully Kyp now resides in a psychiatric ward. He has been on “suicide watch” since being admitted. Malkmus claims full responsibility for his actions and continually expresses regret.

Recently Kyp was granted limited Twitter access, he set up an account and can be followed at @KypMalkmus