Neyla Reed: Profiled

Neyla Reed was ultimately the girl that managed to pull the plug on the Hammet cult. Initially she dated Edgar, ever so slowly learning about his hidden side and twisted nature. Neyla managed to maintain her distance as things became more scattered, panicked and erratic. Though she did involve herself within some of Edgar’s at the time perceived “kinks”, she made a strict point of not becoming a part of what the cult developed into.

She didn’t get along with Edgar’s other girlfriend Olya (her presence a fact that Edgar kept secret from her for quite some time) and she also didn’t connect with the other Hammet cult members. She had an adversarial relationship with the majority of the group, including with Kat Jones, a woman that would ultimately follow the same path as Neyla.

Neyla Reed attempted to stay away from her assumed eccentric boyfriend, but her feelings persisted, and eventually she returned to the group.

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