Martin Perry: Profiled

Martin Perry was a confirmed victim of the Hammet cult killings.

Remy described him as a cruel man that would be, “Always seem angry to see you. Talking to him evoked a strange reaction, as if by your talking he was bothered.” Other cult members also saw him as unnecessarily aggressive, always trying to prove something and referred to him as a compulsive liar. The scenario proved intriguing, what with the fact that he had chosen to be amongst the group.

Martin worked at a very prominent bank local bank as a teller. He was in the process of trying to move up in the company by taking Canadian Securities exams. Of course he would never end up passing these.

Martin Perry was also known as a fervent Dennis Hopper fan, often quoting his films and heralding “Blue Velvet” as the greatest film ever made. In addition, Perry was an avid collector of macabre items. The girlfriend he left behind didn’t shed a tear at his passing, she instead alleged that it was a relief, an easy escape from the life he had trapped her in.

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