Douglas Hanna: Profiled

Douglas Hanna

Though not directly connected to the cult, Katherine (“Kat”) Jones knew Douglas Hanna as an acquaintance. The two had seen each other at mutual friend’s parties and thus had a visual rapport, if nothing else.

Lured in by Remy White, it didn’t take long before Douglas became entangled with the Hammet cult and their “eccentric” behaviour. Although no formal confessions have been made, it is assumed that they met in a bar. Accusations have been put forward that Remy actually sought out Douglas Hanna online, locating him on a free dating website. Her motivation for doing so? To upset Kat.

An independent painting contractor, Douglas Hanna was known to be a fan of theatre and often would attend local performances on Granville Island.

Allegedly shortly after escaping the Hammet cult, freed by Kat Jones as she left, Douglas Hanna committed suicide in his apartment. The scenario in which he was found was deemed to appear extremely suspicious, and it is presumed that the Hammet cult were responsible for Hanna’s death. The autopsies and analysis of the crime scene have determined that the suicide seemed genuine. Suspicions remain that this was outside of Douglas Hanna’s character, and that in order for this to have taken place, he must have been coerced.

Douglas Hanna leaves behind a sister, his parents and two grandparents. At the time of his death he was not in a relationship, and had no children.

Stephanie Radcliffe: Profiled

Laurie Bader

By her own frequent admission, Stephanie Radcliffe is one lucky girl that has Neyla Reed to thank for her life.

Once Ms Radcliffe entered the world of online dating, her casual encounters took her from her once timid self to the more taboo regions of fictional fantasy. A slew of poor choices culminated with her becoming involved with the Hammet cult.

Like many Millennial women, Stephanie developed a thing for the vampire characters. Their charms enticed and hooked he, before long she was amongst the Hammet cult’s online community.

Stephanie began seeing one of the members regularly, believing she was in a relationship. She felt she could trust him and began indulging in blood donations. This quickly went awry as Ms Radcliffe was forced into continual drainings.

She ultimately got away once freed and refused to be interviewed, but we have persuaded Stephanie to allow the footage of her to be included in this documentary.

Since being freed, Miss Stephanie Radcliffe has gone on to fight against the online venues and forums that allowed her to become caught up in this mess. She campaigns heavily for background checks on all dating sites, and for greater scrutiny of those that participate.

Tea Wu: Profiled

Margaret Woo

The cliche that, “It’s always the quiet ones” that have the wildest side and the darkest personality is consistently stated by her former colleagues and friends as they describe Tea Wu.

A former prominent researcher for a nationally recognized online lifestyle magazine (lifestyle in general, not to be confused with “the lifestyle” promoted by the Hammet cult), Tea Wu was not known by most people for anything other than being the shy girl in the office that appeared to be working all the time.

The issue was that she wasn’t always working, according to her browsing history, she was regularly looking for new sexual partners and unique experiences. Hence why she ended up near death at the hands of the Hammet cult.

It was sheer luck that Tea managed to survive the Hammet cult drainings. If Neyla Reed hadn’t walked in looking for Troy Rothko and discovered her, Tea Wu would be another statistic on top of the 48 victims.

Although unwilling to involve herself in any interviews for the ‘We Regret Nothing’ documentary, Ms. Wu did consent to allow the footage of her release for inclusion.

Since the release of the documentary we have received no further updates from the family or Tea Wu herself.

Jeremy Rush: Profiled

Jeremy Rush

One of the best known victims of the Hammet cult, Jeremy Rush was a young man with great potential and a lot to look forward to, had he not strayed into this environment.

Allegedly, the main reason for his downfall was that he tried to become a confidante and competitor of Edgar. This is a feat that he did not achieve in any measure. Edgar ignored all attempts Jeremy made to communicate to ingratiate himself.

The imagined connection Jeremy saw with Edgar stemmed from seeing himself as a hacker, his IT knowledge and love of sowing digital mischief. He thought these things drew them together, deluding himself into believing there was a special relationship.

Jeremy Rush was initially drawn into the group after meeting Olya online, and was not immediately enchanted with Edgar. He was not able to build a rapport with the other cult members either, failing to fit in because of his rash behaviour. Jeremy was infatuated with weapons and continually showcased his obsession with knives.

Kyp and Brandon regularly mentioned how they had felt threatened by his actions; often demonstrating vicious killing methods of animals and incessantly trying to be recognized as an alpha male. However, Rush’s main problem was that he didn’t grasp that the Hammet cult weren’t about alpha males, but rather a calculated and cunning leader.

Jeremy Rush is survived only by his sister who has since changed her name to avoid any connection to her brother’s Hammet cult involvement.

Martin Perry: Profiled

Martin perry

Martin Perry was a confirmed victim of the Hammet cult killings.

Remy described him as a cruel man that would be, “Always seem angry to see you. Talking to him evoked a strange reaction, as if by your talking he was bothered.” Other cult members also saw him as unnecessarily aggressive, always trying to prove something and referred to him as a compulsive liar. The scenario proved intriguing, what with the fact that he had chosen to be amongst the group.

Martin worked at a very prominent bank local bank as a teller. He was in the process of trying to move up in the company by taking Canadian Securities exams. Of course he would never end up passing these.

Martin Perry was also known as a fervent Dennis Hopper fan, often quoting his films and heralding “Blue Velvet” as the greatest film ever made. In addition, Perry was an avid collector of macabre items. The girlfriend he left behind didn’t shed a tear at his passing, she instead alleged that it was a relief, an easy escape from the life he had trapped her in.

Ian Arnold: Profiled

Ian Arnold

Ian Arnold was a hapless, socially awkward man.

Adoring the fantasy elements behind Vampire lore and fiction, and loathing the more mainstream titles, Arnold focused upon the more obscure material. Friends and family described Arnold as tender and
sweet and despite his problems socializing, these traits would shine through.

Confused in his desires, Ian Arnold turned to vampire kink circles for gratification and acceptance. Shortly after falling in with the Hammet cult he became their next victim.

His social anxiety made meeting members of the opposite sex very difficult for Arnold. Even through online dating and fetish websites any relationships he managed to develop quickly petered out. He was
often too meek to open up fully and show the side of him that potential mates would value, one that featured encyclopedic knowledge of Vampire “history” and that ever changing fictional landscape.

His connection to the Hammet cult did not end as cleanly though.

Ian worked at a supermarket where his boss recognized his exceptional effort, regularly awarding him with “employee of the month,” and calling him a model employee. Unfortunately, he loathed his supermarket job, regularly complaining to friends about his role.

At the time of his murder, Ian Arnold’s application to study filmmaking at a local university was being reviewed.

Cinnamon Morales: Profiled

Cinnamon Morales

Formerly a marketing “promo girl,” handing out samples of alcohol, showcasing cars and designed products, Cinnamon Morales ultimately finished her short life being known as the fifth victim of the Hammet cult.

A huge fan of 70’s B-Movie cinema, Cinnamon’s draw was through cheesy Vampire films that she saw as fun and playful. Like everyone else she had a lust driven side. That playful element drew her into the cult.

Finding Brandon and Kyp online, Morales casually entered into what she viewed as a “boat-pushing once in a lifetime ride.” The blood element confused and excited her, and with the cult members’ explanations and clean needles, she was surprisingly willing to indulge in these acts.

Unlike other Hammet cult victims, Cinnamon Morales had no qualms about informing her best friends. Although they did try and convince her that these acts were extremely risky and they attempted to deter her involvement, they allowed her to engage as a consenting woman in whatever she wished to. The police were notified of her disappearance earlier than the other batch of victims from the first wave of fatalities.

Edgar Hammet referred to Cinnamon as, “A confused and pusillanimous woman,” which her family contend. The rest of the world perceived her as an affectionate and loving girl. Olya stated Cinnamon was “consistently bemused.”

The family that Cinnamon Morales left behind have all condemned the lack of scrutiny in dating websites and are still in the process of forcing surrounding laws to change.

Troy Rothko: Profiled

Troy Rothko

Few managed to escape from the Hammet cult, and of those that did, only one man survived. Troy Rothko was that one man. He currently works as a chef in local restaurant chain.

A huge rap and Hip Hop fan from a young age, Troy Rothko frequents local shows and as a single man, Troy also enjoys trying his hand throughout the city’s bar and pub scene.

Although Troy regularly struck out, he had enjoyed his share of one night stands. Never though one with such dire consequences as the night he met Olya and Remy, changing his life permanently.

His induction into the Hammet cult wasn’t along the same lines as other victims as the documentary showcases.

Troy can be reached online via Twitter at @TroyRothko or on Instagram @TroyRothko

“The whole thing was a fucking contradiction, misled completely. They didn’t believe in hexes, in ‘vampires’ being repelled by garlic or crosses or holy water or whatever, but Edgar afraid of mirrors and believed life was obtained from drinking blood. They all made no sense.”

– Troy Rothko

Joan Swanson: Profiled

Joan Swanson

A confirmed victim of the Hammet cult, Joan Swanson was initially brought into the group after meeting Brandon Smith online. Brandon Smith was always very quick to encourage meeting potential donors, and Swanson was apparently more than willing to meet with very little time spent introducing herself to him and vice versa online.

Becoming jaded with conventional clubs and who she was meeting there, Joan Swanson turned to local fetish nights as she learned more about BDSM. Eventually she moved more into exploring worlds online, crossing paths with Brandon and involving herself in the Hammet cult. Kyp referred to viewing Joan as a very “distressed” woman, and that when she began hanging around she appeared afraid and vulnerable.

Sadly and arguably ironically, Joan Swanson was in the process of studying to become a nurse. This sends her actions into question due to her awareness of risk and also the solution.

The police have spent considerable time evaluating whether Joan Swanson had committed suicide by engaging in these acts, given that she knew the clinical outcome. However due to her absence from answering, there’s no real way of knowing.

Swanson left behind considerable debt after her passing, mainly derived from student loans and credit card frivolity.

Margaret Woo: Profiled

Margaret Woo

As with countless others, Margaret Woo died at the hands of interacting with the Hammet cult. Maggie, as she liked to be known as, was o huge fan of the movie “Interview With A Vampire.” After watching this for the twentieth time, Margaret Woo decided to move online and look for someone to spend time with that had similar tastes.

Described as being cute and generous with a very giving behaviour, Margaret Woo came from a very strict family. Her broad desires would never be permitted and she never felt able to fully express these thoughts to her family nor her friends. When news arose that she was one of the Hammet cult victims, people she knew were shocked. This was a side of her never unveiled to those closest to her.