Katherine “Kat” Jones: Profiled

Katherine Jones or “Kat” as she prefers to be known, is one of two members of the Hammet cult to make it away alive. Deluded by some online fetish websites, Kat found herself dragged into the Hammet cult and ultimate falling under the cult leader’s spell. Like many that became deeply associated with the group, Kat entered it perceiving it to be, “An unusual, but harmless experience.” She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Formerly an extroverted individual, Kat Jones now prefers to keep to herself after escaping what few managed to. She became intertwined with the group, and despite enjoying some of her experiences, Kat ultimately reached the epiphany of the truly destructive forces she had become involved in.

After leaving the cult, Kat moved back to Vancouver Island and tried to restart her life. The problem is that she remains unable to disconnect herself from the Hammet cult what with all the attention that it has received. Over the past year Kat Jones has been spotted around Vancouver, trying to rebuild her sense of normalcy.

Kat Jones can be found on Twitter by following @kat_katjones or on Instagram @kat_katjones

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