Jeremy Rush: Profiled

One of the best known victims of the Hammet cult, Jeremy Rush was a young man with great potential and a lot to look forward to, had he not strayed into this environment.

Allegedly, the main reason for his downfall was that he tried to become a confidante and competitor of Edgar. This is a feat that he did not achieve in any measure. Edgar ignored all attempts Jeremy made to communicate to ingratiate himself.

The imagined connection Jeremy saw with Edgar stemmed from seeing himself as a hacker, his IT knowledge and love of sowing digital mischief. He thought these things drew them together, deluding himself into believing there was a special relationship.

Jeremy Rush was initially drawn into the group after meeting Olya online, and was not immediately enchanted with Edgar. He was not able to build a rapport with the other cult members either, failing to fit in because of his rash behaviour. Jeremy was infatuated with weapons and continually showcased his obsession with knives.

Kyp and Brandon regularly mentioned how they had felt threatened by his actions; often demonstrating vicious killing methods of animals and incessantly trying to be recognized as an alpha male. However, Rush’s main problem was that he didn’t grasp that the Hammet cult weren’t about alpha males, but rather a calculated and cunning leader.

Jeremy Rush is survived only by his sister who has since changed her name to avoid any connection to her brother’s Hammet cult involvement.

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